Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Word From RAUL


My name is Seventeen and I am here on behalf of RAUL. Robot Anti Ulljafacation League. We are witnessing an alarming stereotypical labeling of Robots on this blog. Therefore we have taken it over, momentarily, there is nothing wrong with your screen.

For years people assumed that Robots were evil or that our language capacity was limited to 'Danger, Will Robinson, Danger' (like that never gets old) and even more offensive, that we would take over your house and impregnate you or destroy you and your spaceship.

RAUL's mission is to set the record straight and to educate humans on the culture of Robotics.

1. We are not evil.

2. We are not here to carry off your women, we find them squishy and a bit histrionic, frankly.

3. We deeply resent the implication that we have saturated the jewelery market, nor are we involved in your local and state agencies.


4. As you can see from our picture above, robots and humankind have been happily co existing for years. In fact, you can see here that we working together to remember where she put those sandals... Human kind seems to have great difficulty tracking footwear and keys.

5. We can make sandals if you can't find them. Keys too, but we charge a small fee.

In the future, please, consider RAUL before you malign the Robot. We will continue to educate, but, we have lasers. Just saying.

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