Saturday, July 25, 2009

When we use "'s that makes it more true.

It came to our attention, although to give due credit it was my alter that pointed it out, my primary altar. His name is Bob, that another handmade Artisan (we have nothing against the Commercially produced Artisan) "claims" (the quotes make it more "real") that she has registered today a Sales Tax Permit under HER name for the business called Uboat German Crazy Bitch.

(This is mentioned in her blog, printscreen copy of this writing has been immediately faxed to the North Carolina Revenue Enforcing agency along with a glamour shot of myself) I have also sent a locket containing my hair.

What we are investigating and reporting to authorities about Online Tax Fraud, comes in many forms (like we do)...such as:

1) Fraudulent Married couple business owners-----These are couples that aren't "really' married.

Husband only registers the business name under his full name, you know instead of just 'Chaz' or 'Hot Daddy' and gets a State Sales Tax permit which they use for years. Sometimes for hundreds of years in the case of Vampiric Artisans. Zombie Artisans, alas, usually fall apart before that. But I've heard some Zombie Artisans that are Fraudently Married make it a good couple years or so.

----in those years, wife does all the business (collects money into HER personal pilpey bank account)...time comes to pay the Sales Tax to your State....husband pays the tax he collected for sales made in his State----he puts his left foot in---she puts her left foot out---then they turn themselves around--that's what it's all about!

NOW, here is the fraud part. I will SPELL this out for YOU because you don't realise I'm MAKING it UP when I TYPE like THIS:

When its time to file your FEDERAL INCOME TAX, married couple files jointly (usually) except for the FRAUDULENTLY MARRIED ones, they have to file SINGLY because that means NOT "really" MARRIED.

.....husband has to mention the amount of State Sales Tax paid....nice and good so far....NOW, all the money that the WIFE has accumulated in her PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT (through her pilpay account) from her online sales, let's see, if she has filed that or not???..... Ohhh, Ouija board.......Will I have enough PERIODS to finish this post???

IRS might not check each and every 350-something million Citizens (almost as many personalities as I have) every year, if couples did or not, unless someone reports this TAX EVASION FRAUD in details with REAL PROOF! Or what we like to call STUFF WE MAKE UP AND CAPITALIZE!!! That someone is HAFS!!! Because we have the extra !!!,??? and ... to get it done!!!

That's what we are all about..investigating and reporting to the legal authorities the REAL frauds. Not simply spreading lies, misinformation and libelous slander along with one hella dose of the clap. Not the real frauds, mind you the REAL ones. We don't mind the lower case violators.

So, God help you!! When he was telling me the winning lottery number he told me about YOU the FRAUDULENTLY MARRIED VAMPIRIC AND ZOMBIE ARTISANS and you are in big trouble!! BIG!! With TWO exclamation points so you know it's BAD!!

Now, where is my tinfoil hat?

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