Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Princess Swirling Twatnut Girdle Snapper

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We have gotten an overwhelming response...both from Twitter, which suspended out account for 'Strange Activity' and Wordpress which shut us down and the various departments that are currently filing false claim reports against us.

We received hundreds of hot tips , all from ourselves, to investigate suspicious and possibly fraudulent handmade artisan sellers, that have online shops at different venues such as Etsy, Artfire, and Ebay etc. These ARE NOT really HANDMADE Artisans. They were either assembled by the Hand of God or descended from an Ape but THEY ARE NOT HANDMADE.
We KNOW handmade as we have carefully constructed out own handmade reality, complete with alter egos and a healthy dose of flat out batshit crazy.

We have decided to open our official website...coming soon.

As is the End of The World, and Invasion of Aliens and The Zombie Plague. ALL of which WILL be reported!!!!

Porpoiseof Our Group, Meet Flipper and his friends!

First of all 'we' have noticed a mockery being made of out BIG BOLD LETTERS AND !!!!! Because of this I am allowing my alter Princess Swirling Twatnut Girdle Snapper to write for us. The you will SEE you will ALL SEE that I CAN use regular size letters which means I am telling the truth in all cases and not a lying skanky hosebag. That's my other alter Duke Lying Skanky Hosebag but he's shy so you won't see him. Ha!

'We' are here to investigate and report to the Authorities, if we feel that sellers are engaging in tax fraud or selling and not doing anything wrong, or being a success or minding their own business or supporting each other.

This tax fraud comes in many forms. As do we. But right now it's Princess Swirling Twatnut Gridle Snapper and you WILL ADDRESS ME AS SUCH!!!

As you will read our blog everyday (or we will come to your house and MAKE you), you will get familiar with the types of tax evaders. You will also become familar with petty, bitter, vindictative, lying, flat out nastiness, something we take very seriously and perfect on a daily, if not hourly basis.

As concerned citizens, our group (you've met a few) believes that our government needs every cent from these fraudulent online businesses as much as we need meds on a daily basis, but fail to take them, apparently. We are here to investigate and report to our government REAL PROOF AS WE MAKE IT UP about these fraudulent online sellers.

The outcome of these complaints does not interest us, but we WILL POST OUR OWN version of events as fact. According to our research, which we conducted in our own special place' if you have been tax evading our government, the penalty in doing so, will be hard to face.


It will stop your joy of selling and owning an online business. (Nah, I'd say she's made it even more fun, wouldn't you?)

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