Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lamp Bead Worker Cited, Cow Cleared

Turns out the Great Chicago Fire was not, indeed, caused by that poor maligned cow but rather by an ....Artisan. Our sources and my personal Ouija board communicated with the dead cow and Bossy gave us the scoop.

See, The 'Artisan' had not been inspected by the Fire Marshall. We've been inspected by the Fire Marshall, but he never even called, weird, huh? Any, seems this 'Artisan' thought herself above a law that didn't exist during that time frame and decided she would make pretty things. Yes she had children, seven, I believe, to feed and sure her husband had been killed in a bizarre felting incident (after she refused inspection by the FM apparently) but this "Artisan' we'll call her Mrs. O' Leary didn't care about the safety of the town.

Oh no.

She set up a studio in that barn and got to work. For some reason citizens appreciated her work and marveled in their beauty (whatever) and she begin to support her little brats, uh, children, we love kids here at Hafs.

The Mrs. O'Leary for no good reason other than complete and indisputable proof files a complaint against one of these fine upstanding and thoroughly inspected citizens for selling her beads under her name. Not like there is anything wrong with buying someones work and then selling it as if you made it. Not like there's a LAW against that or anything.

So understandably the fine inspected citizen was upset. Of course she KNEW she was in the wrong but crazy is it's own reality and she had every right to knock that table over and upset the torch. It wasn't HER fault that Mrs.O'Leary insisted that she stop selling her work as her own.

How was she, the fine upstanding inspected citizen to know the barn would ignite and with it the majority of the town?

In the end, it was the lamp bead worker's fault. If she just would have allowed the upstanding citizen to continue to deceive, ..sell her work, none of this would have happened.

We at Hafs know this is true, because Dead Cows Don't Tell Tails.

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