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FRAUD FRAUD, handmade Jewelry Artisan fraud online seller

UPDATE on FRAUD , FRAUD, handmade jewelry artisan online seller.
We have mentioned this seller in our previous posts, please go read that post again: It wont make any more sense this time, but we are THAT NEEDY!!!

One of our group members MEANING ME, MYSELF, AND I AND MYSELF AND I AND ME, resident of the State of Texas, and Dark Ruler of the Nether World, has bought from HER Artfire online shop where I wasBANNED!!!! I hope you ALL see what we do for YOU the TAXPAYER because it is REALLY hard to get an alter to open a Pilpay account. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to type when you don't exist? DO YOU????It's really, really hard.

Our group member (Yes, 'member' is a word that comes to mind) or as we like to call them our alters, has paid for this item using pilpayl. WITH ALL OUR INFO SO SHE KNOWS WHO WE ARE!!!!

Even though this seller, REFUSED to sell to ME, the Queen Duchess Teapot Haberdashery and she has a Texas State Sales Tax permit for her online business, DAMN, that false report didn't work, she DID NOT collect %8.25 Sales Tax for the State of Texas !!!!!!!!!!

NOW, we are wondering (and apparenlty becoming increasingly desperate and mouth frothy) , if this seller filed ALL her online business income (that she got into her paypal account) to the IRS or not? Because isn't that theLOGICAL ASSUMPTION!!! We (alters) KNOW that anyone who REFUSES TO SELL TO US AND THEN DOESN'T CHARGE SALES TAX ON THAT NON SALE IS HIDING SOMETHING!!!!
Hence (I used to like that word) REPORTED not only to the Texas State Comptrollers office in Austin, TX, but ALSO to the Texas Department of Revenue, Enforcement agency who (LIKE THE PRETEND MEMBERS OF HAFS DOESN'T EXIST) has a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT WITH THE CID DIVISION AGAINST ME FILED BY THE LAST COMPTROLLER I MANIPULATED:

her paypal account name, paypal email address, the transaction where she did NOT collect tax for the Texas State, her address, phone number, and all her selling venue infos along with her dog's name, my shoe size and the location of Jimmy Hoffas body (who now channels through me). WHICH THEY ALREADY HAVE IN THE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AGAINST ME!!!

DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!!! (This woman does realize she is NOT a state, right?) 

Bait bait bait ;-)
(Honestly , I can't even address that it's so twisted. Although I did throw up in my mouth a little.)

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