Sunday, July 26, 2009

How We Make Stuff Up

Over the past 18 months, our group has gathered information about online shop owners who sell in various internet venues (more than 1000 sellers). Our group being myself. because I am not being taken seriously I am using BIGGER AND BOLDER LETTERS.

The most important findings in our research we have done, are to check and see, if these sellers have a State Sales Tax permit (the dates it was issued), and what the pilpey account name/email address is. Even though pilpey has nothing to do with anything.

Now, why is this important:

According to our research, the Internal Revenue Enforcement Agency who does issue Audits, see how must point things out to you? Prefers to have very detailed,REAL PROOF to consider your TAX EVASION FRAUD COMPLAINT. Not the WEIRD RANTING MADE UP SHIT WE PROVIDE.

PS: The outcome of these complaints does not interest us (HAHAHAHAHA), it is between the seller and the IRS. AND because of that we will LIE LIKE A BITCH LAID OUT to make Haf's seem credible.

According to our research, if you have been tax evading our government, the penalty in doing so, will be hard to face. As I am, even my mirror won't look at me.

It will stop your joy of selling and owning an online business. LIKE WE ARE TRYING TO DO. WE ALSO LIKE TO KICK PUPPIES, BECAUSE THEY ASKED FOR IT.

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