Thursday, July 30, 2009

Verbal Abuse, When Words Hurt

BPP "Hello, today on the Belly Pop Pop show we are going to be speaking about Verbal Abuse. We are honored to have our two guests, Hence and Fraud here to speak with us today."

BPP "Fraud, you agreed to come on the program after weeks of being abused, both in capital and lowercase form. What was it that finally made you step forward?"

FRAUD "Well, BPP, it was the day I finally saw myself in bold, over and over again, in larger font, placed between words in a manner that made no sense that I said 'Enough is enough!' I felt so exploited and misunderstood. So used."

BPP "And Hence, what was your deciding factor?"

HENCE "Belly, for years I have been used almost as a point of meaning, of bearing, such as 'Hence Forth' and so on. I like to think I add an almost Old English flair to current day language. Ive' always been proud of that. But when I see Hence cheapened and tossed about like an expletive nobody uses, it upsets me."

BPP "I have noted an almost frenzied usage of the two of you of late. I did find it rather remarkable."

FRAUD "Yeah, remarkable is a word."

HENCE "You have to understand that we words have our own special meaning. If you don't understand what we mean, please, don't use us. It hurts those who do understand."

FRAUD "Put yourself in my shoes, I used to carry some weight, maybe even be a little scary. Now I'm just some emboldened, enlarged, repeating empty gesture. Words don't always LIKE being used, you know."

BPP " I understand, but don't the two of you have any hope that people will see past the intent and realise the true meaning?"

HENCE "We certainly hope so. After all, both myself and Fraud have been around for years. I'm happy to say that the blatant abuse we are currently suffering isn't very common and there simply aren't many people prone to complete and utter disregard to actual meaning. "

FRAUD "Exactly, and those people are usually abusing Truth so when you see a pattern like that, One would hope the average person would not only recognise the abuse but learn to separate the Truth from the raving."

BPP "We did invite Truth to be on the program this morning, but after being so terribly, terribly twisted it's gone on hiatus and will not be seen again until the abuse ends."

FRAUD "Yes we were really upset about what happened to Truth, but really, you rarely see Truth and I together much, Hence and Truth hang out much more often."

BPP 'Hence?"

HENCE "Yes, Truth has been missing and I'm afraid Truth, in this case, won't be seeing the light of day anytime soon."

BPP " I want to thank you both, Hence and Fraud for being on the program this morning and letting our viewers know that Verbal Abuse is rampant within this issue. Truth, we wish you all the best and hope you recover soon. "

Fraud "Thank you, Belly."

HENCE "Yes, thanks for having us on this morning."

BPP "Dear listeners, that is all this morning for the Belly Pop Pop show. As always, thank you for listening and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Truth a speedy recovery. Join us next week when we discuss CAPS LOCK, is it ever really ok?"

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