Sunday, July 26, 2009

SHE bears the MARK!!!

Fraud alert Vanilla Bean Baker, Arlington VA

Fraudulent bakery and handmade soap manufacturer,Holly McConnell ( She Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken) ,owner of Vanilla Bean Baker , ENSLAVER of field mice ( Goatmountainarts has been selling to the public without a State Health Department license!!

She doesn't NEED one because she isn't OPEN but that doesn't MATTER!!!!

Arlington, VA health department and Department of Agriculture is investigating this fraudulent activity, contact for information about this case: (703) 228-5580 and for an Inspector to verify this information. They will tell you she's been CLEARED but it's ALL LIES, LIES!!!

Selling as well under the nickname GOATMOUNTAINARTS (nickname, WTF?) at the following site:

This seller also produces handmade soaps WITHOUT a State Agricultural Manufacturers license. This is another requirement not needed BUT SHE SHOULD HAVE IT!!!! Because we USED all BIG LETTERS!!

Printscreen snapshots of all her selling activities online (her Etsy and Artfire shop, and her own website) and dates of her online business operation has been reported to the authorities. We have also discovered old family photos of her tap dancing and the Tapshoe Controller Board has been notified as she was UNDER AGE at the time.

This fraudulent person is also being investigated by the State Comptroller's and Revenue Office of VA for ALL her online/offline sales. She is selling Black Market Babies WITHOUT a VENDOR's permit!!!!!!!!!

Plus, she is currently PULLING the wings OFF, flies, punching NUNS in the face and pushing over OLD PEOPLE in the STREET. ALL without a PERMIT!!!


Update: fraud Goatmountainarts, fraudulent bakery Vanillabeanbakery

Fraud Goatmountainarts, Vanillabeanbaker,owner Holly McConnell, ( She Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken) , Arlington-VA, who has been investigated by the Health Department in Arlington, is found to have NO LEGAL HEALTH PERMIT to sell food products to consumers. She has been ordered asap to stop baking and selling to the public----online AND offline.

She is NO LONGER allowed to sell from her CLOSED bakery that was NOT SELLING because it's only OPEN in the FALL and WINTER!!!!

This fraudulent online seller, who is selling on venues such as Artfire and Etsy, is also making handmade cosmetic items such as soaps. They are made out of ACID and will BURN your FACE off!! Plus she isn't even a REAL goat!! That is DELIBERATE FRAUD.

Virginia Attorney General's office has been informed of her fraudulent manufacturing of cosmetic items WITHOUT a license.

We are confident that this agency will put an immediate stop to this kind of fraudulent business where the consumer's safety is in danger. Even though SOAP is NOT a COSMETIC!!!

Be aware of these selling sites:

Don't even CLICK on them or this freaky DEAD drowned GIRL will crawl out of your PC!!

To check up on this post's legitimacy, please call the Health Department, VA at (703) 228-7400 and speak to Inspector Poor Guy That Had to Deal With Ugly. He will tell you she didn't do anything WRONG!!!

PS: Holly McConnell has called the InspectorPGTHTDWU and has confessed to him that she doesn't have a license. Then they leaned in ever so slightly and kissed.

We have also gathered her peypill address ,which is UNVERIFIED, and we immediately have sent to the Virginia State Revenue enforcement agency. WHICH DOESN'T care, but PP sure the Hell DOES!!!

If you say UNVERIFIED backwards it says "KISS me SATAN!!" and her avatar is a GOAT, plus she BEARS the MARK!!


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